IN my hometown, you found me


Perchè mentre lo Spazio è una cosa
il Tempo, è un idea.

Josif Brodskij

florida -  the trip


LANterns in the night, we don't have to leave...yet.

ho imparato la scienza degli adii
nel piangere notturno a testa nuda

Osip Mandelstam


and then the moon steps from the cypresses and
a wave of feeling breaks, phosphorescent

Frederick Seidel

FLOrida - and the blankets modulate the silence, soaked in our scent

e i nostri gemiti sono presto vapore nell'aria,
le lenzuola modulano il silenzio, impregnato di noi.
Pagine dal mio Diario - Dicembre 2014

I name you my love
and the gulls fly above us
calling to the air

Our two pale bodies
move in the late night, slowly
as dove do, breathing.

Carol Ann Duffy


Sweet unrest, we shall be notes

Futile the winds...
Sweet unrest, we shall be notes,
We the breeze

Pages from my Diary
Florida, new years eve 2014


Seems like the sky is all there is here
and the birds, they are so many
chasing runaway clouds
My self, loosed of limits,
This sky is all there is.

Pages from my Diary; Florida, December 2014